September 5, 2008

Did you order this weather? Six shades of Gray, Under your Cloud, Darker than Seattle, London, and an episode of Deadwood Combined. Cold Enough For Ya? Just a few of the possible names for a weather blog based out of Michigan. My birthplace and home for the next couple months (unless S’s two-year plan works out). I can’t pick just one witty weather related name. I think it’s because here the weather refuses to conform to my needs. So unless I change my needs to “needing to feel like I’m constantly sitting on the second to last step on the stairwell of an unfinished basement” I will have to go with something more general. The climate is so bossy in the north. It directs time and purpose, ruins days, cars, lives, and hairstyles. It lifts us up and pushes us off roads, car hoods, sidewalks, and each other. Affects our sight, emotions, and blood sugar level. Maybe not blood sugar but I’m pretty sure we are all suffering from vitamin D deficiency. Anyway, it’s time to boss back with the only thing mightier than a sword, a hurricane, or a well-built Ford: the blog.



Anonymous said...

SKL FOR PREZ - Keep bloggin that crazy blog, you blogstress extrodinare. <3 from Salt Lake city - Drew Blood

Anonymous said...

I like spittin from the mitten best. Just became aware of loudon waiwright's "grey in l.a." - would be perfect anthem for 80s and sunny

polkadotkarma said...
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